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Selling Private Anonymous SOCKS5/HTTP(S) Proxies


Many Internet users want to visit some website, forum or blog at least once confidentially. You can use our proxy service and visit any websites, keeping your IP-address information and real location confidential.


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Check your IP


Find out all information about your IP, browser and provider. Check up on how anonymous is your connection, including a network positioning system for a DNS server and a real IP address using Flash and Java.

Paid Professional VPN Service


You will receive an access to the VPN with encrypted traffic, consisting of a computer network in Asia, Europe and America, which will provide you with the anonymous and free access to blocked websites and other resources.


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Insorg mirrors

If any of our site is unavailable, the mirror can be found here

Insorg proxy

Our main difference from other proxy providers is that we do not ever log anything*. You don't have to enter your real IP when you work with our paid servers.

When you use your real IP as a key that is saved on all proxy servers that you use – you risk a lot. All our proxies do not use any means of authorization or confirmation of your data.

We gave a detailed scheme on the picture.

Our service is available completely anywhere in the world without any limits or personal data requests. You get access to a base that includes over 2500 anonymous proxy servers, for just $9.90 (from 1 month) /$9.30 (from 3 months)/$8.50 (from 6 months)

You make your payment completely anonymously, by using pin codes on the Internet. After making your payment you get complete access to any IP from our base **.

* - you can read our warranties here

** - our base of private proxies has time limits for using numerous proxy servers (they are not shown in lists, which significantly impacts their quality) more details here

Insorg VPN

Our key advantage over our competitors consists in the "bricks of anonymity":

  • The first brick of our service's foundation - we do not use cheap VPS, we use real private servers. Only we control them completely and configure them for total absence of any logs.
  • The second brick – we work only with completely abuse protected server providers.
  • The third brick – we do not use a direct client-server connection, instead we use Double and Triple VPN connections (the connection goes through several other countries before it reaches the destination server).
  • The fourth brick is your own client for VPN with protectors, which allows you to completely forbid any Internet connections in case of unexpected disconnection of your computer from the server. You always remain safe.
  • The fifth brick is technical support 24/7. We resolve any of your questions here and now.
  • The sixth brick – you can always order a separately dedicated IP, which will be available only to you.
  • The seventh brick is making your payment completely anonymously, by using pin codes on the Internet.

So we offer you complete anonymity based on this high-quality foundation at a price that is minimal in the market of high-quality anonymity services.

You can learn more about the technical aspect of our service (types of connections and encryption, TTL values) here.